Thursday, December 18, 2008

December 25th ain't Jesus's birthday...

Follow this link to read the article about a scientist who wanted to figure out when Jesus was really born, because we have all heard that there was some suspicions. Why would an emperor call for mass travel in the winter? The article states that by the arrival of a massive star, they were able to pinpoint Jesus's birth to June 17th. So why do we celebrate on December 25th?

I don't really want to burst anyone's bubble, but I just thought I'd do something that so classically me: Rocking everyone's boat, challenging everyone's comfort zone, and aiming to burst the big fat bubble full of crap, and then saying, I don't really wanna wreck anybody's ideas....
So yeah. I was listening to the radio preacher this morning, as I do every morning, and every one of the pastors are talking about "the reason for the season" and the focus really being Christ. BUT HE WASN'T BORN ON DEC 25th. How can you yell at anyone (or gently remind everyone) about the real reason for the season and then tell them it's Christ, when it was really several winter solstice festivals, and possibly associated with Semiramis's consort/son Tammuz. Babylonian festivals...always sneaking into our holidays.

The reason for the season was a pagan festival. In that case, bring on the presents, trees, decor, and other things that have nothing to do with Jesus....yeehaa....

Why does no one comment on these things when preaching? Why does no one ever talk about the fact that over all this is a pagan holiday and most of it's celebration is pagan in origin? Because it's such a huge part of the culture, and tradition. This really takes the air out of any huffy puffy churchy folk, doesn't it? I mean, don't get me wrong,

Jesus must always be the center and focus of our lives if we follow Him and seek Him-

I'm just tired of people getting up in arms about that which does not truly matter. And I love the good things about Christmas, how everyone gets so excited about celebrating, and it truly accomplishes the thing we need most in the dark winter nights:

It brightens us up, and we seek each other out. But then again, upped suicide rates kinda suck....If you have a good support system, then Christmas really rocks!

I like doing the Jewish thing: Chinese food and a movie on Christmas Eve/ Day.

So there's my rock in the boat.

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  1. And somehow you're rocking the boat in this manner strips all the commercialism and hustle and bustle of the season out and makes it even easier to see the real joys of the holiday.

    My favorite part was "But then again, upped suicide rates kinda suck....If you have a good support system, then Christmas really rocks!"