Saturday, July 4, 2009

evidence of a smart boy

This is Kevin...first time I'm on here to give actual life details.

I'm frequently impressed by Tristan's developing abilities. From squirming to crawling and now walking, from 'gu-gu' to 'hi da-di' and "dattt!" (used to indicate any source of light), every couple of days he's made obvious advancements.

Today he had two that wowed me so much I just had to come and tell everyone. First, while I held him with Brig standing next to me, he, with a grand smile, gripped my nose, then hers, then mine, then hers, with clear recognition of the similarity. Then, just now, I gave him his little set of keys for an old combination lock, and set him down on the floor. He walked directly to the front door and held the keys up to the doorknob...this kid is putting it all together pretty fast!

Anyway, I love being a dad, very proud that my boy is now a whole year old. I usually get annoyed at the inevitable refrain of "Doesn't it go so fast?!" and usually I acquiesce with a "Yep, yeah it does!" just because I'd rather not delve into details with most people. But here, let me say - I believe that if you're paying attention every day to how your children are growing and changing, it will seem less fast. So because I'm spending the time I want to with my son and experiencing him a lot, I will say the time is going at a normal pace, and as to where it all went, well, it went where all time goes, and I'm ok with that.

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