Friday, January 1, 2010

Tristan's Language Development.

Hey this is Kevin, I wanted to give a report on all the words Tristan's been learning lately. He's picking them up fast now, he learned 3 just today - key, coat and shoe.

So here's the collection as of New Year's Day 2010 (somewhat in order of when he started saying them, the first was a few months ago)

Daddy, Mommy, hot, hi, oh (for falling, slipping) wow (mostly for screeens), yay, bye-bye, sit, hise "eyes" yiyi "Lily (Grandma's chihuahua)", a-go "I go", I know (what Brigitte says when he's hurt), up, ball, akako "avocado", bapu "bottle", eat, book, babies, key, coat, shoe. There might be a few more but this is what's coming to mind atm.

(I would have put in the IPA if I had font support and I thought anyone else would be able to read it...)

He also says a-Daddy, a-Mommy, a-Lily (a-yiyi), and today his first morphological rule appeared, he applied the "s" at the end of babies to Daddy "Daddish" and Mommy "Mommies". He doesn't get the plural meaning, but he generalized baby->babies to daddy and mommy, very cool.

And I can't forget the all-important boundary marker and self-assertion tool, NO!

Ok better get off the computer and get him up from his nap, time for dinner.

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